#6 – The Beltofts

The mark of Bennet Beltoft from his will, 1624
The mark of Bennet Beltoft from his will, 1624 (from http://www.belnapfamily.org/SEAX_DABW_45-1_Will_Beltoft_Bennet_1.jpg)

This week, I’m going to mention a family that is the furthest back in time that I have been able to go.  Thanks to research done by previous generations of my family and others, we’ve figured out that my grandmother’s paternal side is descended from the Beltoft family from Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England in the 1400s.  Abraham Belknap, the son of Bennet Beltoft, is the ancestor of all the Belknap’s (or Belnap’s) living today in the U.S.  There’s even a Wikipedia article on the surname, which may help explain the change from Beltoft to Belknap.  Another great resource for Belknap/Belnap is the Belnap Family Organization

Here’s my line: Bennet > Abraham > Samuel > Ebenezer > Obadiah > Nathaniel > Obadiah > Thomas > Arthur > Earl > Velma > Robert > Me

52 Ancestors #6 – So Far Away